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Rouleur Magazine Ausgabe 25
Wir lassen gerne grad den englischen Text der Herausgeber fĂŒr das Rouleur Magazine sprechen, danke fĂŒrs VerstĂ€ndnis:

Rouleur celebrates its 25th edition with a suitably eclectic mix from the wonderful world of bike racing, starting with the Editor’s visit to Trek in Wisconsin.

Guy contends with snowdrifts and ice fishing whilst having his preconceptions about the hugely successful manufacturing giant shattered. Photographer Taz Darling thaws out inside the factory of one of Waterloo’s biggest employers.

Richard Moore’s teenage Tour-watching perked up no end when images of 7-Eleven’s soigneur Shelley Verses flashed across the TV screen. The groundbreaking woman in a previously men-only world recalls life on the road with ‘her boys’.

Photographer Paolo Ciaberta witnesses a fellow Italian resurrect a classic Paris-Roubaix winning machine, ridden by a Belgian and described by an Englishman: Roger de Vlaeminck’s Gios, with words from Rohan Dubash.

Staying in Italy, Herbie Sykes tracks down former professional turned egg farmer Giovanni Varini. And his 58,000 chickens – Herbie also goes deep into the bowels of the Velodromo Vigorelli in MIlan in search of another great Italian framebuilder, Alberto Masi.

Graeme Fife, meanwhile, seeks Sylvain Chavanel and finds him on the massage table. The French National Champion and our man enjoy a heart-to-heart dressed in just a towel – Chavanel, that is, not Graeme

Mr Fife also concludes his mini series on promising youngsters with Jake Womersley’s progress on the British Cycling Talent Team.

Wide Eyed and Legless has been hailed as one of the finest books ever written about the Tour de France, yet its subject – the British ANC Halfords squad – had a wretched race and disbanded shortly after. Ian Cleverly gathers the team together for dinner to discuss the 1987 Tour and Jeff Connor’s book.

Photography by Ben Ingham, Dan Sharp, Geoff Waugh, Gerard Brown and Paul Sanders. Plus columns from regulars Matt Seaton, William Fotheringham, Johnny Green and Paul Fournel.
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